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The Sage of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib: An Ode to Guru Nanak


Shri Guru Nanak, a saint divine

A master of wisdom, his spirit would shine

With a voice of compassion, he roamed the land

Spreading his teachings, with a loving hand

He spoke of equality, and of love for all

Of the oneness of God, and of breaking the fall

With his humble heart, he showed us the way

To live a life of peace, each and every day

Shri Guru Nanak, a leader so bright

His words, a guiding light through the darkest night

With his teachings of truth, he inspired all

To live a life of kindness, and to answer the call

So let us follow, in his noble quest

And embrace his message, with the greatest zest

For Shri Guru Nanak, will always be

A shining star, that sets our souls free


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