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The Father of Faith: A Poem on Shri Abraham


Shri Abraham, a man of great renown

With wisdom, grace, and virtue all around

His faith in God, unwavering and strong

A beacon of hope, where others do wrong

A life of kindness, humility, and care

A shining example, beyond compare

His deeds of charity, a legacy untold

Inspiring generations, young and old

He wandered through the desert, with a heart so true

Guided by the spirit, to see the world anew

He spoke with angels, and heard their voice divine

And built a covenant, that would forever shine

Oh Shri Abraham, your spirit soars on high

A symbol of hope, in a world that's gone awry

With grace and courage, you lived your life so well

A shining example, for us to emulate and tell

So let us honor, this great man of faith

Whose spirit lives on, in each and every place

For Shri Abraham, is more than just a name

He's a beacon of light, that will forever remain.


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