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The Messenger of Allah: A Poem in Honor of Prophet Mohammed


Shri Mohammad Paigambar, the prophet of peace

A messenger of God, his message will never cease

With a heart full of love, he spread his faith

Guiding all to salvation, with wisdom and grace

He traveled the desert sands, with a steadfast will

Bringing light to the masses, with a message so still

With his gentle words, he taught us to be kind

And to live a life of love, for all of mankind

Shri Mohammad Paigambar, a man of great renown

His teachings, a treasure that will never drown

With his Qur'an, he showed us the way

To live a life of peace, each and every day

So let us follow, in his righteous path

And honor his teachings, until our dying breath

For Shri Mohammad Paigambar, will always be

A shining example, of love and unity

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