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The Wise Sage of China: A Tribute to Confucius


Shri Confucius, wise and learned sage,

Taught ethics with grace and gentle ways.

Compiler of the I Ching, his great work,

Reflects the truth and light that he did lurk.

In ancient China, he roamed with care,

Disseminating wisdom far and wide,

A scholar and teacher, beyond compare,

Whose teachings still resonate with pride.

The Analects, a record of his sayings,

Are words of wisdom for the modern man,

With teachings of morality and teachings,

That help us understand our life's grand plan.

From justice, wisdom, and integrity,

To love, respect, and the importance of study,

Confucius' lessons are timeless and free,

Guiding us to live a virtuous, purposeful life indeed.

So let us follow the path of the master,

And strive to live with compassion and grace,

For the teachings of Shri Confucius will last,

And be remembered in our hearts, always in place.


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