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The Divine Wisdom of Krishna and Arjuna's Conversation


Once only, the scene was set

On the battlefield, Arjuna met

With Krishna, his guide divine

In a conversation, so serene and fine.

Arjuna's doubts and fears did rise

As he gazed upon the battlefield's prize

He wondered if the fight was right

And if victory would bring delight.

Krishna spoke, with wisdom bright

His words, a beacon in the night

"Arjuna, do not be afraid

For I am always by your side."

"It is not for us to question fate

Or the actions that we must take

For in this world, there is a plan

And we must fulfill our role, like a man."

"So lift your bow, and do not sway

For in this battle, you must play

Your part with courage, strength and might

And let the Lord guide you to the light."

And so, Arjuna took up his bow

With Krishna's words, his doubts did go

And he fought with valor, true and bright

And brought victory, in the Lord's sight.

So let us learn from this tale so true

Of Krishna's love, and Arjuna's due

For in life, we too must fight

With wisdom, courage, and the Lord's might.


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