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My Quotes - Reflections 1

"Formless to take new form in the form, first form has to disappear."

"Love is the most undervalued currency but subtlest in the market of the world; Those who try to hold it by force will lose it and those who share it will gain it even more."

"Promise is just an emotion which is expressed through words. If you are wise enough to know that the emotions are temporary and so the promises. Hence don't be fool by promises of the people and don't blame to them for not fulfilling


"All of us are bound by same source and That source itself has the ability to distinguish."

"Life lesson that I learned through intraday trading is as long as you don't stop repeating same mistakes again and again you can't end the day in the profit; same implies in each day of the life as well."

"It is sign of idiotic and immature personality to become comfortable with the pain of heart and accepting it as this is my life."

"Individual attached with the time can never walk with it. Either will

walk ahead or behind of time."

"Those child used to dream to change the world have changed themselves to be fitted in the world and most unfortunate is that they aren't conscious about it now."

"When you have to think about life take it very seriously but when you have to live it live like it is cosmic joke."



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