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My Quotes - Reflections 2

"The real journey of life begins when you touch yourself beyond your physical appearance"

"Too much information makes journey boring and Sometimes it ends the journey in a half."

"Do not feed your mind as you feed your body because mind doesn't know how to throw out in the morning that which is detrimental for its growth."

"As your son and daughter are gross form of you same way all other beings are subtleties form of you if that much understanding came in human he will become supreme bliss and source of love for others."

"life is not about what you are interested to find out but for what you are born to find out."

"We all are beggars at somebody's door then why so much ego!"

"Neither you nor anyone else can solve your miseries unless and until you find the mirror which will show you your true self"

"Every individuals mind holds the image of that God which their mind can play and fools. They think they can fool God with an excuse but of that is always reverse."

"If your religion or faith on your own God is getting shaken just by mere sone obloquy of atheist then you must know that you havent experienced God yet."

"After careful investigation I found that the physical dimension of me is already dead, and non physical has no death."


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