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My Quotes - Reflections 3

"People want love that's why they pet a dog; Those who are a source of love pet a snake (human)."

"Just because the majority of people are doing a particular thing doesn't mean it becomes moral, It is possible that the bug of immorality is spreading."

"The standard of dignity is not something that you can pretend to have but it's the inner core of yourself which represents your 'self'"

"Having a unique perception to see the world sometimes seems like a disease because normals do not let you live with your perception happily."

"Every relationship begins to crumble once the needs of the relationship are over. Ego, distrust and infidelity are not at the root of failed relationships."

"I want to be the best version of reality, one who can deny the false or vague ideas that shadows of the reality. It does not matter even if it costs me solitude for my whole life."

"Shush!! I stopped taking disheartening advice because I realised that people talk about their disability and that their disability is not meant to be my reality."

"The human race of the world has two faces. They don't have money to feed the poor and for that they run a donation campaign and on the other hand they are feeding the money for nuclear war."

"Self-obsession is wonderful only when it is happening on a saintly level. It poisons the heart when it sets itself to the physical level."

"Love act as nectar of the divine as long as it resides in your heart, but the moment it sneaks into your brain it turns against you and acts as a venomous thing."


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