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My Quotes - Reflections 4

"The street will always be busy with people, but not everyone could be your companion, so don't run behind acquaintances, but search for those who are willing to complete a journey."

"Your attention is like a troublesome child, If you leave it free it will go here and there and bring chaos in your life, So better hold the hand and teach, how to behave so that you can enjoy the peace."

"Attitude is a good thing, but if you carry it for everyone then it will destroy your true

inner image."

"Some stories are so beautiful that letting them incomplete is important as we lose the beauty of it once they are completed."

"A river doesn't fight with an ocean and loses its identity to become the ocean itself same way you have to lose the collected identity of you! in order to become part and parcel of the divine."

"I know I will just be a passer-by in The lives of people as my destination is hard to walk."

"Having the quality of humanity is worthless if you do not have the quantity of it to behave humanly with everyone."

"On a bad day, It's not luck that seems bad only but everyone who comes around you seems like a problem for you."


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