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My Quotes - Reflections 5

"Social networks are a platform where stupidity is more welcome than spirituality."

"It has been said that kama (desire), krodha (anger), lobha (greed), mada (pride), moha (attachment), and matsarya (jealousy) are enemies of you but I perceive it differently. I see all those inbuilt qualities are in every being including divine and it makes a difference only if you are wise enough to know which to hold at what time, just like knowing which friend to call in distress."

*Your addiction has become business for some and you see them as global leaders, public figures and so-called celebrities. God, this is ridiculous."

"Laughing at the inability of the other shows the inability of your own brain and heart to function at its best."

"I am the dust of the earth if I am thinking to myself more than that then I am a fool."

"Both good and bad times bring storms in your life, but the only difference is storm of bad times bring the best out of you and transform you into a better version of yourself."

"Just to show your literacy you are being abusive in an argument then my friend your whole education has failed you."

"Guru's words will never make you experience divine world, words are mere to awaken your intellect and push you

towards introspection."

"After penetrating each and every layer of what you are not, you will reach the truth that you are nothing but the very minute piece of the cosmos and has the capacity to act as the cosmos itself."

"Your body is nothing but an antenna. Try to position it and then stabilize it in such a way that the divine pervading power could find the frequency to get connected with the soul."


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