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The Radiant Remover: A Poetic Celebration of Shri Ganesh


Oh Lord of Beginnings, Shri Ganesh divine,

The elephant-headed deity, forever thine,

With thy wisdom, blessings and strength combined,

Thou art the remover of all obstacles and hind.

Thou art the patron of the arts and sciences,

The Lord of wealth, prosperity and chances,

The first to be worshiped, with every new start,

The deity that imparts a loving and kind heart.

Oh Shri Ganesh, thou art the symbol of peace,

The embodiment of joy, and happiness that does not cease,

With thy gentle smile, and twinkling eye,

Thou bring comfort, and peace, to those who cry.

Thou art the Lord of the multitudes,

The deity who brings fortune and good moods,

With thy elephant head, and mouse by thy side,

Thou art the Lord of success, and all good tides.

Oh Shri Ganesh, thou art the deity supreme,

The Lord of wisdom, knowledge, and every dream,

With thy blessings, one can cross every obstacle,

And find success, joy and peace, in every temple.


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