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The Fire Within: A Poem on the Naval Chakra


Manipura Chakra, the shining sun within,

A fiery wheel of transformation, a light to win.

It is the center of personal power, where strength resides,

And courage and will, are always by its side.

With a vibrant yellow hue, it illuminates,

Guiding us to action, and our true fate.

It is the source of confidence, self-esteem, and pride,

A place where our inner fire, burns bright and wide.

But when blocked, it can cause anger and frustration,

And lead to self-doubt, and a lack of motivation.

So awaken its power, and let its energy flow,

And find the courage, to make your dreams grow.

Embrace its fire, let your spirit soar,

Find your true power, and what you're meant for.

Manipura Chakra, the flame of transformation,

A source of strength, for your mind and heart's liberation.


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