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The Dance of Life: A Reflection on the Sacral Chakra


Swadhisthana Chakra, a wheel of creation,

A place of fluidity, inspiration, and imagination.

It is the seat of our emotions, where they flow,

A river of feelings that ebb and glow.

With the color of the moon, it shines so bright,

Illuminating our desires, guiding us through the night.

t's the source of our desires, our hopes, and dreams,

And the birthplace of creativity, it seems.

But when blocked, it can cause inner turmoil,

And lead to addiction, guilt, and a restless soul.

So heed its call, and awaken its power,

And harness its energy, in each and every hour

Embrace its fluidity, let your emotions run free,

Find balance and peace, in what you feel and see.

Swadhisthana Chakra, the center of pleasure,

A wellspring of joy, that you can always treasure.


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