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The Balance of the Hamsa: A Poem on the Unseen Chakra


The Hamsa Chakra, a vital center in our mind,

Its alertness brings divine discretion we find.

A genetic gift to distinguish right from wrong,

But too easily spoiled by external things we prolong.

Our eyes, the window of the spirit, must be kept pure,

For they are the first to show when the Kundalini cure.

But if used with lust and greed, they'll quickly be spoiled,

Leading to acceptance of things destructive and boiled.

This can spread to the masses, a collective belief,

And influence others with the same destructive grief.

Like a door to the bhoots, it allows them to enter,

And pass on to others, leaving a vacuum, a dangerous center.

So let us keep our eyes innocent, steady and clean,

And protect our Hamsa Chakra from all that's obscene.

For it holds the key to our divine discretion,

And a path to inner peace, with blissful conviction.


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