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The Foundation of Being: A Reflection on the Root Chakra


At the root of life, a hidden power lies,

A spinning wheel of energy that never dies.

The Muladhara Chakra, its name we give,

The source of strength and grounding that helps us live.

A deep red hue, the color of the earth,

A symbol of stability and a new birth.

With the power of survival, it holds the key,

To balance and harmony, for you and me.

It is where our deepest fears and desires,

Are stored and held, like precious coals to be prized.

And when awakened, it can unleash the flame,

Of courage and self-confidence, to live life with no shame.

So if you seek to find your inner peace,

And find the strength to conquer all life's beasts.

Turn to the Muladhara, and hear its call,

And let its grounding energy, rise up in all.


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