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Rising of the Divine Serpent: A Hymn to Kundalini


Oh Kundalini, the divine serpent coiled,

In the depths of the soul, forever unspoiled,

With thy awakening, the spirit takes flight,

Guiding the seeker towards the source of light.

Thou art the fire that burns within the soul,

The energy that makes one feel whole,

The essence of life that flows like a stream,

Bringing peace, wisdom, and cosmic dream.

Oh Kundalini, the shakti divine,

The power that makes the mind and heart shine,

With thy rise, the barriers fall,

Revealing the truth, beyond them all.

Thou art the ladder to the highest truth,

The bridge that connects the soul with its roots,

The light that shines in the darkness of night,

Guiding the seeker towards eternal light.

Oh Kundalini, the divine flame,

The power that brings enlightenment and fame,

With thy awakening, one becomes free,

From the bonds of ignorance, and lives life's mystery.


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