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The Brave Heart of Lord Rama: A Journey to Save Sita

Once only, a hero was born

In the kingdom of Ayodhya, he was adored

With strength and virtue, he led the way

On a journey, to save Sita, night and day.

With Hanuman, by his side so true

And the vanaras, who followed through

Ram set forth, on his noble quest

To rescue Sita, from the demon's nest.

Through trials and battles, he did fight

With courage and grace, he shone so bright

His determination, it knew no bounds

And the demons, they trembled at the very sounds.

At last, he reached Lanka's shore

Where Sita was held, captive and poor

In a fierce battle, he did engage

With the demon king, who was filled with rage.

But Ram was strong, and fought with might

His victory, a shining light

And Sita was rescued, from her plight

And the kingdom of Lanka, was set aright.

So let us learn from this tale so true

Of Ram's devotion, and his love for Sita too

For in our hearts, a hero we can be

With courage and strength, to set our spirit free.


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