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The Divine Duo: A Hymn to Shri Shiv and Parvati


Oh Shri Shiv and Parvati, the divine pair,

With love and devotion, they both do share,

Together they rule the hearts of all,

Bringing balance and peace, to one and all.

Shri Shiv, the Lord of Destruction,

yet with a heart of gold, His wisdom and power,

makes the world bold, With a third eye,

that pierces through all illusion,

Guiding the seekers, towards truth's resolution.

Parvati, the gentle mother, with a heart full of grace,

Her love and compassion, lights up every face,

She brings fertility and prosperity, to all she blesses,

Her devotion to her Lord, knows no distress.

Together, they are the embodiment of love,

Their union, a symbol, from the heavens above,

Oh Shri Shiv and Parvati, may your light forever shine,

Guiding us, towards peace, and the divine.


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