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The Author of the Tao: A Eulogy to Lao Tzu


Shri Lao Tzu, sage of old

A master of Tao, his wisdom untold

With a heart full of peace, he roamed the earth

Spreading his teachings, of love and mirth

With gentle words, he taught us to see

The balance of life, in all that will be

He showed us the way, to live with ease

In harmony with nature, to find inner peace

Shri Lao Tzu, a master so wise

His words, a balm for the weary eyes

With a stroke of his brush, he wrote the Tao Te Ching

A guide to life, a timeless offering

So let us follow, in his simple way

And learn to love, all that comes our way

For Shri Lao Tsu, will always be

A shining light, that sets us free


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