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The Miracle of Compassion: A Reflection on Sai Baba


Shri Sai Baba, a saint of grace,

Lived a life of love and peace,

In the village of Shirdi he stayed,

Bringing comfort to those who prayed.

With a smile as warm as the sun,

And eyes that shined like the moon,

He spread love wherever he went,

His teachings still widely content.

His message simple and true,

Of devotion, compassion and love for you,

Selfless service and charity,

The path to peace and unity.

With a heart full of compassion,

He tended to every soul's passion,

With a glance, a word, a touch,

He healed the wounds that hurt so much.

Oh Sai Baba, we seek your light,

To guide us through the day and night,

With your love and grace, we pray,

For blessings on this earthly way.

So let us follow in your path,

With love and kindness in our heart,

For a world of peace and harmony,

Is the greatest gift you've given me.


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