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Oh Lord Allah, Creator of all,

Your mercy and love forever stand tall,

Your grace and wisdom, beyond compare,

In every heart, you hold a special place there.

You guide us through the trials of life,

With a light that dispels all pain and strife,

Your bountiful blessings we receive,

And through your will, our faith we believe.

Oh Lord Allah, our Protector and King,

With you, all fear and worries take wing,

You show us the path of righteousness,

And in your love, our souls find rest.

Your wisdom and guidance we seek each day,

And with you, we find the courage to pray,

For you are our light in this darkened world,

Our refuge, our solace, our rock, our pearl.

Oh Lord Allah, we give you all praise,

For you alone, our hearts sing and blaze,

With love and devotion, we bow down,

For you are the Lord, the greatest in this town.

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