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Lord Jesus, Son of God above,

The embodiment of grace and love,

With hands that healed and feet that walked,

And with a heart that never balked.

You came to earth with a mission bright,

To bring us hope and banish night,

With words of truth and a gentle gaze,

You taught us how to live and praise.

You faced the cross with courage strong,

And suffered for our sins so wrong,

But from the grave you rose again,

Victorious over death and pain.

You are the way, the truth, the life,

The source of hope in endless strife,

You reign in heaven, yet you're near,

Guiding us always, wiping every tear.

Lord Jesus, we lift our hearts to thee,

In grateful love and humble plea,

May we follow in your footsteps sure,

And trust in your unchanging love forevermore.

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