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The Beacon of Dharma: A Verse on King Janaka

Shri Raja Janaka, a king so wise

With wisdom deep, and a heart so kind

A ruler just, who ruled with grace

His kingdom flourished, with peace in place

He sought the truth, with a curious mind

And in his quest, he was one of a kind

His love for knowledge, knew no bounds

And his teachings, still echo around

He was a man of great virtue and might

With a noble soul, shining so bright

He treated all,with an equal hand

And in his kingdom, peace did stand

Oh Shri Raja Janaka, a sage so rare

His life a story, beyond compare

A king, a teacher, and a friend

His legacy lives, to the very end

So let us learn, from the wise king's ways

And strive to follow, in his noble blaze

For in his footsteps, we'll find the truth

And live a life, of wisdom, love and youth.


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