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François-Marie Arouet (Voltaire) 18th century famous French writer quoted "common sense is not so common" and I feel it is so as in a world where misinformation and fake news run rampant, common sense has become increasingly scarce. The ability of making logical and sensible decisions based on evidences seems to be vanished, and individual tends to make their decisions by emotional appeals and social media trends. It is very much obvious to get overwhelmed and confused, when so much information is available within our reach but we forget that same information is leading us to abandon critical thinking. We are making decisions of our own life by reading somebody else articles. At this moment, you are reading my words and I would greatly appreciate it if you read it with an open mind, carefully considering the message I am attempting to communicate and assessing its coherence and validity through logical thinking.

Nowadays, I am seeing so many people marketing themselves on social media like Instagram,Twitter, Facebook etc and claiming that they can activate your kundalini (dormant energy) and can heal your chakras so then you can lead your further life very peacefully. They claim that they have experience of the past ten years (It's funny to see, but almost everyone writes same number of experience in their bio). They do have some kind of certification with them to support their claim. There are so many organisations who provide such certifications after completing their courses for that they charge them. Everything seems so organised,legal and perfectly fantastic. BUT, here my critical thinking and knowledge that I have a gain with an experience, whispering in my ears that something is fishy and my eyes don't want me to ignore it and fingers want me to type and share it with you.

Hinduism and other Eastern religions have described energy centers in the human body. In a Bible human body has described as a temple of God. As per HINDU religious book each and every chakra has unique qualities associated to particular God and goddesses. You will find details of that in my other posts. Kundalini has described as a virgin mother(very pure energy). The first chakra is associated with Shree Ganesh who has quality of an innocent child. Above that chakra, in the sacrum bone kundalini is placed. On awakening an innocence (Quality of Shri Ganesh) in you, kundalini will rise. It will rise up by piercing each chakra and awaken the qualities of deities associated with a particular chakra. It seems to be very divine and pious work and one who could do should have mastery over it. Such master would have awaken his/her own chakra with the help of kundalini and must be realised soul as there is saying only the enlightened candle can light the other candle with authority.

So first thing that is bothering me if these people have ability to awaken the kundalini and by healing your chakra they could awaken the deities quality in you then for such a divine and pious work why they are demanding a money as self realised person always seems to be above materialism. Raising a kundalini would not be difficult when they are authorise(self-realised) person but if they are not then they are playing with the lives of many for making some bucks. I can give you names of other organisation such as SAHAJAYOGA (FOUNDED BY SHRI NIRMALA SRIVASTAVA) who spends her entire life for this divine work and she never asks for money for raising your kundalini or awakening your chakra. She has done tremendous work in this field and many countries government has praised for her work. She said that the divine does not need your money nor you can buy him with it, what he needs is your full devotion and surrendering to know the truth. She also said that real guru will never demand or try to live life on his disciples money.

One needs to be cautious while dealing with the kundalini and do not give permission to touch or play with your dormant energy as it is most purest energy as well and negative intention are very much capable to damage it. If you use your logical thinking, you can easily find out who is real guru and does it really have intention to transform your life. It does not mean that a real guru does not exist, they do and they will always be available but as this is time many people are experiencing a state of confusion and miseries due to various reasons and are looking for easy solutions which could bring joy and moments of peace in their busy life. This is an ideal situation for some business minded people to use your weakness and make money out of it. They were always there, but now they have access to mass number of people and they are ready to hunt you.

So how can you identify fake gurus on social media? Here are some tips:

Look at their credentials: To be a spiritual guru one does not need a certification as a such as it is not a degree, but it totally depends on how much a person has dedicated his life to understand this body and mind and life beyond it. By their talks one can easily find out how logically good they sound when they explain something. Example is J. Krishnamurti.

Check their background: Do they have a history of scamming people or running fraudulent businesses? You will find there are many who are behind the bars, and I don't feel to name it.

Look for reviews: Have previous clients or customers had positive experiences with them? In this case you also have to be cautious as many reviews are planted by these people only to fool you. Try to get reviews from the person who is very close to you and you are witness of the transformation in his/her life.

Do your own research: Don't just take their word for it - Again open your common sense and after doing your own research to verify their claims, you should invest your money, but I will say same thing again that with the money you can not do anything good in spiritual journey rather you will harm your "self'. Divine himself is very anxious to introduce your"self" to you,but you need to make yourself available for him.

It is unfortunate that though we have freedom of speech but we can not take name openly who are doing wrong but I found ignoring will not be right idea. So I tried to explain it with minimum words by taking one example only, that can awaken your common sense and you will search your peace in right direction. I can not give you physical proof of certain things, but I felt sharing this information is very much important. My purest desire is that everyone should seek their true nature which is beyond this body and mind and make this world heaven again.

Matthew 24:24, "For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect."


The quote from Matthew 24:24 is a warning about the dangers of false prophets and messiahs who will appear and deceive people in the end times. These false prophets will use great signs and wonders to trick even the most faithful and discerning individuals, including the elect. The passage urges people to be cautious and vigilant in their beliefs, and to seek truth and authenticity in all things.

Throughout history, the threat of false prophets and messiahs has persisted in various religious cults and extremist groups. These organizations are often led by charismatic figures who claim to have special access to divine or exclusive knowledge, and may even perform miraculous acts to prove their authority. However, it is important to remain vigilant and examine their teachings and practices closely.

In many cases, the teachings and practices of these groups are manipulative, harmful, or even violent. Their leaders may use fear, guilt, or shame to control their followers, and may encourage dangerous behaviors or beliefs. For instance, some cults have promoted mass suicides or violent attacks on others in the name of their beliefs.

As such, it is crucial to be discerning and critical when it comes to evaluating the claims of individuals or groups who claim to have all the answers. By seeking out reliable sources of information and guidance, and by staying true to our own beliefs and values those who have comes with an experience and not just shared by books or your loved ones, we can protect ourselves from the influence of false prophets and messiahs.


Attention:- Let's face it, social media is a breeding ground for fake gurus and spiritual scammers. But fear not, my friends! By following the tips in this post, you can protect yourself like a ninja in a fortress. So go ahead and share this post like it's a cute puppy video, and if you have any other tips or stories to share, spill the tea in the comments below!



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