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The Kundalini and Spiritual Awakening


Once only, a journey begins

From the roots of our being, it spins

A path of spiritual awakening

As the Kundalini begins moving.

It pierces each chakra, one by one

Unleashing energy, that shines like the sun

From the base, to the crown so high

The Kundalini awakens, with a piercing cry.

First, the root chakra is set free

Stability and grounding, it brings to thee

Next, the sacral chakra awakes

Passion and creativity, it unleashes and takes.

The solar plexus, it then ascends

Empowerment and self-esteem, it bends

The heart chakra, it opens wide

Love and compassion, it brings inside.

The throat chakra, it speaks its truth

Communication and expression, it bears its fruit

And finally, the crown it reaches

Enlightenment and spiritual knowledge, it teaches.

So let us awaken, with each piercing thrust

Of the Kundalini, that rises up and just

For within us, a power does reside

A journey of awakening, that we all can guide.


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