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The Passing of Moments: A Reflection on Life


The passing of time, a steady flow

A journey that moves, with nowhere to go

It brings us memories, both bright and bittersweet

And we hold onto them, like a warm and comforting heat.

It brings us laughter, and tears that we cry

And as we look back, we see how we've grown, we pass by

It takes away youth, and gives us old age

And as we look ahead, a blank and unknown page.

The cycle of life, goes on and on

And we learn to embrace, what life sends along

For each moment is precious, and each day is new

And we learn to cherish, the time we have with you.

So let us not waste, a single moment more

For time is a gift, that we can never restore

Let us live our lives, with love and grace

And make the most of, this precious time and space.


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