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The Science Behind the Mantra

It is unfortunate to witness how the present generation, who pride themselves on their education, ridicule and mock the devout for their ardent prayers and commitment to the divine. They fail to comprehend the immense potency of mantras and its impact on one's overall well-being. The irony lies in the fact that those who possess an understanding of the significance of mantras, often from a spiritual background, refrain from speaking about it in public, owing to fear of being ostracized by their peers. In this discourse, I shall make a sincere endeavor to shed light upon the concept of Mantra, delve into its functioning mechanisms and elaborate on its many advantages. My aim is to bring forth a deeper understanding of what Mantra truly is and how it can benefit those who incorporate it into their lives.


A mantra is a sacred word, phrase, or sound that is repeated during meditation or prayer as a way to focus the mind and connect with a higher power. The word "mantra" comes from the Sanskrit language, and it is derived from two words: "manas," which means "mind," and "tra," which means "instrument." Mantras have been used for thousands of years in various spiritual traditions. including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. The practice of chanting mantras is believed to have originated in ancient India, and it was developed as a way to enhance spiritual growth, promote healing, and connect with the divine. Today, mantra meditation is a popular practice among many people who seek to reduce stress, increase focus, and deepen their spiritual connection.


"OM," which is considered to be the sound of the universe and is often used as a starting point for many mantras, Exact pronunciation of 🕉 is not "OM" but "AUM". Each of letter of AUM has a meaning:

  • Letter A represents creation or state of awakening

  • Letter U represents manifestation or state of dreaming

  • Letter M represents destruction or state of deep sleep

There are some stories in scripture which says that ultimate being created whole cosmos just by roaring that sound. I will not say, It is truth or fact nor gonna deny it either. I don't want to make claims which I cannot prove. But uttering this sound has numerous benefits and science has proven that "AUM" creates certain vibrations in your system which helps to open up blocked chakras. When the kundalini starts moving in an upward direction, it makes different sounds in each chakra. Each and every sound has its uniqueness and it affects the specific chakra only. These sounds are called Bija (seed) Mantra. When all these sounds are sounded together, the sound that comes out to hear is AUM.




The computer age has gifted us with the language of code, a syntax employed to pen programs and applications, a means to converse with our machines. As technology progresses, new coding languages emerge, unlocking the full potential of our machines. In a similar vein, ancient yogis discovered that repeating sounds, infused with intention and devotion, could have a remarkable influence on one's inner being, particularly the chakras of energy, fostering a sense of peace and contentment. This realization dawned upon them that these sounds embodied a code, and the formation of words from these sounds awakened the inner energy. Hence, the manifestation of the practice of mantras was ushered in.

We are all aware that sound carries vibrations, making mantras a tool that can hold these vibrations for specific chakras when enunciated correctly, with the capacity to awaken said chakra. The repetition of Mantras and Chants creates a vibrational frequency within the mind and body, helping to quiet the chatter of the conscious mind and connect us with the deeper aspects of our being. This stillness and quietude of the mind creates space for the higher self to emerge, allowing us to tap into the wisdom, peace and inner strength that lies within.

However, it is erroneous to chant a mantra or the name of the divine without proper authority, as this will not yield the desired result. To have an impact on the energy centers, it is imperative to awaken the fundamental energy, otherwise known as kundalini. It is disheartening to witness how innocent people are misled by fraudulent gurus, who offer mantras in exchange for payment. It is important to understand that a true guru will not ask for money from their disciples, nor would they seek it for any spiritual endeavors. The notion that one can buy the favor of a deity through financial means is a baseless fallacy.

Once you awaken your dormant energy through authorized means from a self-realized guru, you can experience the benefits of mantras in your life. Incorporating mantras and chants into daily life can be a great way to enhance your spiritual growth and well-being. Whether it's through morning meditation with a mantra, singing devotional chants in a spiritual community, or silently repeating a mantra during stress, mantras and chants provide a powerful and easy way to connect with your inner self. They have several benefits such as reducing stress and anxiety, promoting peace and calm, improving creativity and focus, and aiding in physical and mental healing. Mantras and Chants are also a strong tool for manifestation, helping you attract abundance, joy, and positive energy into your life.

The sagacious sages of yore in India inscribed a plethora of mantras and invocations, each a hymn to the deity of a specific chakra, with the intention of arousing it. Simply reciting these daily would yield abundant blessings. It's important to note that the mantras are just one tool for awakening the chakras, But daily meditation is a must.


Man listening song and feeling happy


Have you noticed that when people are sad or going through the process of breakup, they tend to listen more sad songs because it helps them process their emotions and feel a sense of catharsis. Sad songs often have relatable lyrics that can resonate with our own experiences, and the melody and rhythm can be soothing and comforting. However we also know the listening to those sad songs for a longer period of time have negative impact on our mental health and it only prolong the healing process. Same way when when we are in love we choose to listen romantic songs more often and that only excites you for a certain period but does not make you joyous personality. So when we know these things does not help then why we tend to make the same silly mistakes?

So stop repeating those silly mistakes, and here it is that one simple mantra that can bring enormous difference in your life once you learn to utter in the rhythm of your breath.





You may have heard this mantra suggested by many saints before, but few have taken it seriously due to doubts about how four simple sentences could bring about any meaningful change. People tend to shy away from easy solutions and prefer more complex methods that induce stress and trigger the release of stress hormones. However, if you delve into the deeper meaning behind these four sentences, you can begin to feel their words as a lyrical expression. By reciting them in time with your breath, you can bring about significant changes in your thought process.

I AM NOT THE MIND :- When you utter I am not the mind you are trying to pass the message in your system that mind is nothing but a bubble of thoughts which are being planted or collected by me with the time and it is distinct from me. This simple understanding about mind will help you to distance yourself from the thoughts which are like unstoppable waves.

I AM NOT THE BODY:- When you say I am not the body either, you are simply denying all the attachments that you have because of your body. When you are not a body, you are trying to convey yourself that all my relationships (Father,Mother,Son, etc), My identities like gender,caste and nationality which are there because of the body are not me. These are also distinct from me. It helps you to naturally gets detached or to drop your physical identity which often seem difficult to do.

I AM NOT MY EMOTIONS:- Emotions are feelings that we have in response to things that happen to us or around us. They can be happy, sad, angry, or other feelings, and they can affect how we think and act. By simply utterance of "I AM NOT MY EMOTIONS" you are denying to reacts your internal and external stimuli which are forcing you to make sudden physical movement or decisions in emotions.

I AM PURE SOUL:- The utterance of "I AM PURE SOUL" helps you to realise your true identity and be in continuous connections with the pervading divine vibrations. Being a soul means that I am not the one who thinks, feels or participates in an action, but I am merely an observer or witness to the actions. By doing this, you are simply letting go of your karmas and their psychological impacts that you carry with you otherwise.



In Indian culture, there is also a belief that the phonetic sound of a name can have an impact on a child's personality and development. This belief is rooted in the concept of "nada Brahma" or "sound as God" in Hinduism.

According to this belief, some sounds have a positive or negative effect on an individual's physical, mental and emotional well-being. As a result, parents may choose a name with a particular phonetic sound that they believe to positively influence the life of their child.

In the modern era, naming of children in India has undergone some changes. Parents are opting for more contemporary and trendy names that reflect changing social trends and global influences. So the question remains, are we running away from our culture because we don't have time to understand it?


Attention:- "If you don't comment and share this post, I'll send a guru to knock on your door and make you repeat mantras until you do."🧐



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