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The Soothing Flow of Ida Nadi


Ida Nadi, a pathway divine

A river of calm, a light that shines

It flows within us, a source of peace

Bringing balance, releasing release

It winds its way through our being

Guiding our thoughts, a gentle freeing

From the chaos of life's daily grind

Ida Nadi, a solace for the mind

With each breath, its presence we feel

Soothing our soul, our worries heal

It whispers softly, a song of grace

Bringing harmony to our pace

Ida Nadi, a symbol of love

A stream of light, sent from above

It guides us home, to our true self

A connection to the divine, within we delve

So let us cherish this gift within

And heed its call, to begin

The journey inward, to find our peace

With Ida Nadi, our soul will release.


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