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"A wise man should do what he ought to do, without attachment to the fruits of the action." -King Janaka


"One who remains steady in the face of both praise and blame, pleasure and pain, is truly wise." -King Janaka


"The universe is like a bubble on the surface of the ocean. It appears real, but it is ultimately illusory." -King Janaka


"The path to enlightenment is not easy, but it is the only path worth taking." -King Janaka


"Attachment to material possessions is the root cause of suffering. Let go of your attachments and find true happiness." -King Janaka


"The true nature of the self is pure consciousness, beyond the limitations of the body and mind." -King Janaka

"The greatest wealth is not material wealth, but the wealth of knowledge and wisdom." -King Janaka


"A wise person sees everyone as equal, regardless of caste, creed or social status." -King Janaka


"The key to happiness is contentment. Be grateful for what you have and don't strive for what you don't need." -King Janaka


"The mind is like a wild horse that needs to be tamed. Through meditation and self-reflection, we can train the mind to find peace and clarity." -King Janaka


"One should act in the world with detachment, like a lotus flower in water that remains untouched by the water."-King Janaka

"True knowledge is not the accumulation of information, but the realization of the ultimate truth." -King Janaka

"The true purpose of life is to realize the self and attain liberation from the cycle of birth and death." -King Janaka

"The mind is like a mirror that reflects the world around us. If the mirror is clean and pure, the reflection will be clear and true."-King Janaka

"Happiness is not dependent on external circumstances, but on the state of one's own mind.-King Janaka

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