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"Rama is not a historical person, but a divine presence." - Tulsides "Let all the actions be done with the consciousness of God." - Tulsides


"If you want to know the strength of character, see how well one bears the burdens of others." - Tulsides


"The essence of all the Vedas is Rama, and the essence of Rama is his name." - Tulsides


"Without devotion, knowledge is barren; and without knowledge, devotion is impotent." - Tulsides


"The person who does not forget God in happiness and sorrow will not be forgotten by God in life and in death." - Tulsides


"One can know everything by the grace of Rama." - Tulsides


"The true devotee is one who loves God without any selfish motive." - Tulsides


"The world is a drama, staged in a dream." - Tulsides


"The mind that does not meditate upon God is like a temple without a deity." - Tulsides


"The ultimate goal of human life is to realize God." - Tulsides "The one who loves God is never alone." - Tulsides


"The company of the holy is essential for spiritual progress." - Tulsides


"Knowledge that is not put into practice is like food that is not digested." - Tulsides


"The name of God is the only refuge in the ocean of existence." - Tulsides "God dwells within the heart of every being, but it is the pure heart that can perceive Him." - Tulsides


"The person who is not humble is like a tree without roots." - Tulsides


"The best way to please God is to love and serve His creation." - Tulsides

"The person who seeks material wealth alone is poor in the true sense." - Tulsides


"God is always with those who remember Him." - Tulsides


"The greatest treasure in the world is the company of the saints." - Tulsides


"To see God in everything is the essence of true spirituality." - Tulsides


"The mind is the cause of bondage and liberation." - Tulsides "Love is the language of the soul." - Tulsides


"The path of devotion is the shortest route to God." - Tulsides


"The wise person sees God in every being." - Tulsides


"The true devotee is one who surrenders his ego at the feet of God." - Tulsides


"The company of the wicked is like a forest fire that destroys all virtues." - Tulsides


"Without self-control, there can be no spiritual progress." - Tulsides


"The one who is attached to the material world can never attain true happiness." - Tulsides


"The true test of devotion is how one behaves with others." - Tulsides "The person who is content with what he has is the richest person in the world." - Tulsides


"The person who is free from desires is truly happy." - Tulsides


"The path of spirituality is the path of renunciation." - Tulsides


"The true guru is one who shows the path to God." - Tulsides


"The person who is devoted to God is free from all fears." - Tulsides


"The one who is in harmony with God's will always be at peace." - Tulsides


"The ultimate goal of human life is to realize the oneness of God." - Tulsides

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