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Raavan's Bhakti: A Love for Lord Shiva


Raavan, the king with ten heads so grand,

With power and might, he ruled over the land.

But within his heart, a yearning did grow,

To seek the blessings, of Lord Shiva below.

So he journeyed to Mount Kailash one day,

With devotion and love, in his heart to pray.

And there he met Lord Shiva, the divine,

And from him, he received blessings so fine.

For Raavan, it was love at first sight,

And he dedicated his life, to Lord Shiva with might.

His devotion knew no bounds, and his faith did soar,

For in Lord Shiva, he found what he was looking for.

But war soon raged, with Lord Rama bold,

And Ravana's love, was put to the test, so told.

For in his pride, he forgot Lord Shiva's way,

And his downfall, came without delay.

But even in defeat, his devotion remained,

And his love for Lord Shiva, never waned.

For he knew, in his heart, the path he sought,

Was one of devotion, and love that cannot be bought.

So let us follow Ravana's lead,

And in Lord Shiva, let our faith breed.

For in devotion and love, we will find,

A path that leads, to peace of mind.


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