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Meditation: Complete tool for better life

Image of meditation and chakras

Meditation is a very famous word and almost everyone believes they understand it, but the fact is, very few knows what it is and how to get into meditation. In this article, I will try to touch the depth of meditation and myth associated with it. Though it is an ancient practice, but still you can find its root in the modern world and almost every religion. In the modern era, meditation has lost its potential as many opt meditation for improving mental and physical well being. This is not the fault of the seeker but the fraud gurus which are available in outnumber and only using meditation for making money out of it. Simple tool which supposed to be the free has become business nowadays. You can find lots of courses available who charge whopping amount just to teach meditation and seeing that amaze me how innocent people who are under stress and bad mental phase are getting fooled in the name of meditation.

In today's time, meditation is only being used to improve mental and physical well-being and when your target is too small so naturally your understanding of the subject and desire to touch the depth also gets shortened. When I say your 'target is small' I mean to say you are trying to apply a cream of meditation on the outer layer skin of the body and mind though, the cream has an ability to penetrate and touch the most inner layer of your 'self' and not just the body and mind. When you don't try to go into depth of the disease and relies on medications advised by your doctor, then getting looted is very inevitable. Sometimes disease are not that horrible as they are being presented in front of you.


The word "meditation" is derived from the Latin word "meditatio," which means "to think deeply or contemplate." The word has roots in the Greek word "medomai," which means "to take care," and the Sanskrit word "dhyana," which means "mental discipline." Over time, the meaning of the word "meditation" has evolved and expanded to encompass a wide range of practices and techniques for cultivating mindfulness, relaxation, and inner peace.

Image of meditator enjoying meditation in the beauty of nature


Meditation is not an act that one can perform but a state of being which naturally puts you in the thoughtless awareness and one who can naturally turn himself or herself in a state of spectator without having thoughts or conclusion running in the mind is a mediator. When you are truly in meditation, your identity or who you are is does not affect you. You don't care about gender, relationships, nationality which is attached to you all the time otherwise. All those physical identities fall off. One who touch that state of being is a mediator and he/she does not see himself /herself as a body or mind but goes beyond it. Meditation is a tool itself to experience your 'self ' by distancing from the body and the mind. The true mediator does not lose the sense of the body and mind and still find the existence of the self. He knows that the body and the mind are just a tool to show the expression and reflection of the self. As the divine has many tools through which divine keeps expressing his love and care to its creations same way every meditator finds the body and mind as a tool to reflect in the physical world, but they do not get attached to these tools and manage to handle the play of both. They have the button to switch on and switch off from one realm to another.

Meditation has a long history and it has been practised for thousands of years in almost every cultures and religions in different form. There are different types of meditation, and they all involve focussing on improvement of attention and building ability to stay in a moment with a complete awareness.

One of the most common and famous in today's time is mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness meditation focuses on paying attention to the present moments without judgement. In mindfulness meditation, you might focus on your breath, your body sensations or feelings. Another type of meditation is transcendental meditation. Transcendental meditation involves repeating a mantra or phrases silently to yourself. Both methods are just to bring the body and mind in the state of balance so that they can be ready for state of meditation which comes naturally. It is like fixing the antenna in the proper direction so that they can capture the signal automatically.

benefits of meditation

Benefits of Meditation:

First and the most important reason to get into meditation is to know thyself and through that establishing the connection with the all pervading power which is around us. I won't say the connection with the God as there are some people who hate God or they have different-different images of God. So the pervading power will be the right term with whom we try to establish the connections with the help of meditation.

Being in the presence of the pervading power and experiencing how it solves every small-small things of life very easily are most beneficial award of meditation. All other benefits are just the byproduct of the meditation.

Some of the benefits of meditation include: Reduced stress and anxiety: Meditation can help to reduce stress and anxiety by teaching you how to focus your attention on the present moment and let go of negative thoughts and emotions. More you become aware of thyself, more you get detached and less bothered of negative incidents and naturally that helps to come out of any form of stress and anxiety. It will help to have positive mood all the day.

image of person relaxing on couch

Improved sleep quality:

Meditation can help to improve sleep quality by reducing stress and anxiety, and by promoting relaxation and calmness. Meditation not only improve the sleep quality but also reduce the hours of sleep which helps to get more time to experience the life. One need to understand that the body does not need sleep, it needs restfulness to regain the energy for functioning at its best. Once your body and mind merge in the process of the meditation, naturally you will experience that your sleep quota has decreased. Sleep of 3-4 hours will be more than enough to gain the energy and perform well.

image talks about self awareness

Increased self-awareness:

Meditation is the only tool that can help you to become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations. This can lead to a greater understanding of yourself and your reactions to the world around you. State of consciousness will increase which will help you to get rid of habits or addictions that you want to give up.

image of girl meditating and focusing

Enhanced focus and concentration: Meditation can help to improve focus and concentration by teaching you how to train your attention and resist distractions. As your consciousness increases, naturally you will be able to control your attention and can bring back and settle it in one place which is always running here and there otherwise.

This will be very beneficial for the young generation those attention seems always distracted due to technology which provides them unnecessary and unwanted information. Unwanted information in sense that there are whole big companies which are trying to sell their products which can be of various types by playing with your subconscious mind. Most of the companies like food industry, healthcare industry, construction industry or the entertainment industry. All works and sells their product through the same principle and that unwanted information keeps processing in your subconscious mind. You can't even watch a programme without seeing their product on television or scroll any information on phone without seeing their advertisement. This is how they trap your subconscious mind. Nowadays walking on the road without getting distracted is almost impossible. They are everywhere and meditation is the only solution to get rid of them by learning to maintain the distance from that which is not important.

image of girl who embrace herself

Improved immune system:

Meditation does help in improving in the immune system and keep diseases at bay. It is because, in meditation all energy nodules and centers get activated and they start vibrating in your system on very subtle levels which help the body to remain healthy and disease free. That does not mean you won't feel sick or stop getting aged, but it will help to postpone the process.

It has many more benefits, but I believe one should not learn meditation if they have eyes on the by-product benefits only as it will not help them to achieve those as well. If you want an apple, go and buy it from someplace and don't waste time and energy in planting and watering the apple tree as it is a bit long process. But if you want to eat an apple of good quality which you can plunge it from the tree and eat by yourself and want to be sure that apple is of the highest quality then having patience is very very important. I can assure that the joy of eating and sharing apple that you have earned with patience will be beyond any joy that you even can think of.

Image of lady who meditate alone on mountain

How to get into the state of meditation naturally?

If you are still reading this means somewhere you are willing to eat an apple of the highest quality and you believe that you have that patience which required to grow the tree first. Meditation is not so difficult as difficult it is being put in your mind and offering courses for it. It is very simple and easy, but sometimes simple things are also demands time. As you have already occupied a lot on your mind, to empty the same takes time. Putting a child or an uneducated person into meditation is simpler than educated person who has gained lots of bookish knowledge about everything. Knowledge that you have gained through a book or by any medium is not even the knowledge that is just an information which you can process differently as per your need and quality of mind and brain, but that will not make you experience anything beyond the body rather it will limit you . Information that gives you freedom from the bondage is true knowledge and that only comes through meditation and by knowing thyself.

In other articles, I have shared information about chakras in details, so I won't go deep in that again but without talking about kundalini this article will not have any meaning. An active KUNDALINI, is the basic need for meditation. If your kundalini is not awaken, then you can't even experience the state of meditation. Kundalini is the energy that put you into meditation and opens the blocked chakras. In some scripture, it is named as primordial mother as it gives you second birth by introducing your 'self' to you. It resides in the sacrum bone ( means sacred bone ) as shown in the picture. It can awaken by realised soul/Guru one who knows the right method. It is like a candle which is already burning can enlighten another candle so having a Guru who is self realised can awaken the kundalini and initiate the process of meditation is the first step.

Image shows different pathways, chakra and place of kundalini

The first need is the right Guru, one who can initiate the process. Once the kundalini is awakened in you, it will start the process of cleansing and removing any blockage in the path of ascending of the kundalini by activating the each chakra step by step. If your attention is strong enough, you can experience the subtle movement of the kundalini which feels like crawling the snake and that is why in many scriptures kundalini is represented as snake of fire.

Secondly, you need a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. In the beginning, small noise also takes your attention, but once you got control over your attention you can meditate in the stadium of the football as well. You can sit with your Guru and meditate. If Guru is not available then a photo of the Guru will also do the wonder but that again depends on the faith on the Guru. If not all, sitting alone with oneself and maintaining your attention on Sahasrara chakra or Heart chakra will also help.

Try to maintain your posture right. It is like a placing an antenna in the right direction and angle so that it can capture the frequency and project the picture on the screen. Your body is nothing but an antenna, when you sit in a comfortable position with the slightly straight spine. The power of the holy ghost or divine which is pervading finds the frequency to get connected with your system and through that your soul.

As a beginner, you need to learn to keep the eyes close throughout the period of the meditation as it helps to not get distract. Even though you are alone in the room, it is recommended to keep eyes close.

Take a deep breath in and try to hold it for a few seconds and then release it fully. Do this for 4-5 times. As you breath in, take your attention to the breath, and when you exhale, try to focus your attention on breath out. When you make the process of breath in and out, you hold your breath for a while and that holding period is 'VILAMB' which gives you state of thoughtless awareness for a while. One need to learn to expand that moment without holding your breath. Once you become an expert, you won't even feel you are breathing or not and that thoughtless awareness will start expanding. During the process of breath in and breath out, if your mind wanders, gently bring it back to your breath without any excess efforts.

Start with short meditation sessions of 5-10 minutes. Gradually increase the length of your meditation sessions as you become more comfortable with the practice. Be patient and persistent. It takes time and practice to develop a meditation practice. Don't get discouraged if you don't see results immediately.

With regular practice, you'll start to notice the benefits of meditation. You'll feel calmer, more relaxed, and more in control of your thoughts and emotions. You may also notice improvements in your sleep, mood, and overall well-being.


"Your attention is like a troublesome child, If you leave it free, it will go here and there and bring chaos in your life, So better hold the hand and teach, how to behave so that you can enjoy the peace. - NILESH ZAPADE"


Always remember in meditation to not make any efforts also need a great effort. If you try to put an effort in the process of meditation or try to control your attention with a force, then it has a thousand ways to fool you. It will beat you each and every time, and you won't even realised how your attention has shifted from one thought to another. You will be amazed how it will take you in the heaven of the imagination, and in the very next moment, it will drop you in the filth.

image shows struggle of person

Why individuals struggles in the meditation?

One of the most common reasons why individuals may struggle with meditation is that they may have unrealistic expectations about what the practice can do for them. Some individuals may expect immediate results, such as feeling more relaxed or less stressed after just one session of meditation. When they do not see these immediate results, they may feel like they have failed in their attempts to meditate. Everyone need to understand that meditation is not a quick fix for stress or anxiety.

Another reason could be challenging to quit the mind and stay focused on the present moment. When we sit down to meditate, our minds can be flooded with thoughts, distractions, and other concerns, making it difficult to stay focused on the task at hand. It's perfectly normal for your mind to wander during meditation. In fact, it's likely to happen a lot in the beginning. The key is not to get discouraged. When you notice your mind wandering, simply gently bring it back to your breath or whatever object of focus you're using.

It's important to remember that the process of learning to meditate takes time and patience. It is not uncommon to experience difficulty and setbacks along the way. Rather than viewing these challenges as failures, it's important to view them as opportunities for growth and learning.

image of schedule for meditation

Those individuals struggle to make time for meditation in their busy schedules and talking about the difficulty in finding a quiet space and a few moments of peace in a hectic day are just making an excuses. There is no person who is so busy that he or she does not have time for it. In fact, these people are more addicted to the things which are no beneficial for the soul. They believe they don't need it, and they are quiet happy in what they are doing even though that creates stress. It is just an another type of addiction with a hormones. If you're not willing to make meditation and yourself a priority in your life, you're unlikely to stick with it.

rumours about meditation

Myths associated with Meditation and Kundalini Awakening

Myths arise from the fear and the ignorance so they will always be there. The root cause of the myths is often a combination of factors, including cultural belief or desire to explain something using imagination. Myths often contain powerful narratives that resonate with people on a deep level, and they can be passed down from generation to generation. There are many people who do not know about meditation but still they try to explain the unknown just to make a good impression, in that case also wrong information gets spread.

image of meditating buddha

Misconceptions about the nature of meditation:

There are many individuals believe that meditation is only for people who are religious or spiritual. This is the one of the biggest misconceptions people have. Meditation has nothing to do with any religion or it's supposed not to be seen attached with the spirituality only. Even though you are a non believer of God or atheist in nature, you still can enjoy the depth of meditation as it is all about you and your true identity which is lies beyond your mind and body.

Mother and Daughter meditating

Meditation is not for young people:

There are many youngsters believe that meditation is not for them and it is for old people who are seeking enlightenment only. Young people may not have had the opportunity to learn about meditation or to try it for themselves. If they are not exposed to meditation or do not see others their age practicing it, they may assume that it is not something that is meant for them. When we are young, we don't understand the value of the mind and body and the importance of taking care of it. I feel it is the responsibility of every parent to make their child realise the struggle of old age and prepare them for the future. Once the car becomes older, it will not have the same capability to perform so the body. Once your body got old and the mind becomes full of nonsense, it will be very hard to seek the true nature of self. Young people should be informed of the many benefits of meditation, such as improved focus, reduced stress and anxiety, and better emotional regulation.

image of thought waves during meditation

Meditation is about stopping your thoughts:

In the era, where identity and thoughts have so much important, It would be very hard to ask people to meditate as they believe it will take their ability of thinking. Meditation is not for stopping your thoughts. In facts, it is impossible to stop the nature of the mind which keeps producing the thoughts. Meditation is not for stopping the thoughts rather to ignore the unnecessary and unwanted thoughts. It helps in improving the quality of the mind and through thoughts. Meditation helps to generate new and creative ideas only and it is proven by scientific research.

Image of quick fix

Meditation is a quick fix:

Those who come into the practice of meditation with the expectation that it will fix their problems quickly, then they likely to get disappointed. Meditation may not quick fix to your problems, but surely it will by the time. It takes time and dedication to generate long lasting benefits.

Meditation is only for people who under stress and mental disorder:

It is true that meditation helps people who experience stress, anxiety, and other challenging emotions, but that does not mean it is not for people who are calm and peaceful in nature. It is for everyone. It is a tablet of nutrition that one should consume every day before deficiency starts as we all aware of the phrase which says 'prevention is better than cure'.

Image of girl enjoying solitude

Meditation is for people who don't want social life:

There is a whole lot of society who thinks meditation takes them away from the social life, family or loved ones. It is absolutely wrong. The goal of meditation is to know thyself and knowing oneself only one can handle the relationship well. If you don't understand the nature of your own mind, then how can you understand others? Meditation helps in building good relationships and companionship as it builds the quality like love and gratitude in you by making you more calm and peaceful person. Meditation is must for husband and wife as it will make them to understand each other more and that will decrease the rate of divorce which is getting high. Being a social person or not is an individual choice and it has nothing to do with the meditation. There are lots of young people who try to avoid social life as they are always seems to be stuck with their gaming devices or phone. It is very wrong to connect social life with the meditation. Meditation helps to expand your boundary of your identification and teaches how every being is connected to each other with the same source. Rather to disconnect, it only helps to connect and build the more mature society. We have to accept the fact that the society which was more into rituals of spirituality was strongly connected to each other than the current society. It is also the wrong belief that meditation has to only perform in loneliness, as there are many forms of group meditation that can be just as effective as individual practice.

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Kundalini awakening is dangerous:

One of the most common myths about kundalini awakening is that it is a dangerous practice that can lead to mental or physical health problems. As I have already discussed, it is primordial mother and it is the one which nourishes and take care of the chakras. It is very pure and pious energy and therefore only realised guru should be allowed to awaken it. It does not bring any harm rather good, and it takes no time to awaken only when the disciple is ready and right guru is available.

Kundalini awakening can be achieved through drugs:

Some people believe that kundalini awakening can be achieved through the use of psychedelic drugs. However, the use of drugs to achieve spiritual experiences is should be banned, as it can be dangerous and does not lead to any transformation. The whole idea of meditation is to bring the consciousness by activation of inner intelligence. Drugs only do the opposites of it.

Before proceeding, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the concept. Therefore, it is advisable to refrain from investing your hard-earned money in courses without acquiring sufficient knowledge about the subject. Meditation is a vast concept and an advanced technique for managing both the mind and body. The more you practice, the more you will improve as an individual. While we cannot control the actions and expectations of others, mastering self-management will render us impervious to external disturbances.


I want to be the best version of reality, one who can deny the false or vague ideas that shadows of the reality. It doesn't matter even if it costs me solitude for my whole life - NILESH ZAPADE


It is human nature to aspire to be the best version of ourselves, but in order to achieve this, we must let go of preconceived notions that we have adopted without testing them against the truth. If we wish to climb the mountain of reality and attain the supreme truth that is shrouded by the cloud of ignorance, we cannot burden ourselves with false ideas and ambiguous expectations. These weights will only hinder our journey towards enlightenment.

As a joy and truth planter, I can only do my part in sowing the seeds. Growing a full-fledged tree is not within my control. However, if you desire a life filled with sweetness and joy, then daily meditation is a must-do activity to support yourself and enjoy the experience of life to the fullest!



"Are you tired of being a hot mess express? Try daily meditation and share this article with your friends so you can all be cool, calm, and collected... or at least less likely to trip over your own feet!"


If you have any questions or concerns about meditation, don't hesitate to reach out to me via chat, email, or our community forum. I would be delighted to assist you in any way that I can. Please share your thoughts on the article by leaving a comment below. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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May 12, 2023

I would like to know how often one should meditate in a day?

May 13, 2023
Replying to

Actually one should be always in meditation as being conscious is the only goal of meditation, but that will be difficult for the beginner as their attention is more outward bound. WHERE IS MY ATTENTION? Is the question one should ask to oneself to get that attention back and put it on your heart and try to be observer as long as possible in a day and avoid being get involved in the action without consciousness. So my answer is you should be always in meditation.


May 10, 2023

Nilesh, thank you for taking the time to provide me with personalized guidance. It was a pleasure chatting with you, and I appreciate the beautiful article on meditation and the thorough explanation. Your work and words are truly exceptional!

May 10, 2023
Replying to

I like your seeking for the truth.