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In the pursuit of uncovering our true identity, we have explored the different age groups and the various ways they perceive themselves. Now, we are left with three possibilities: the mind, emotions, and physical body. Each of these aspects plays a significant role in shaping our identity, but are they the ultimate truth of who we are?

Let us delve deeper into each possibility to understand better.


The Mind:

The mind is a complex entity that processes information, thoughts, and beliefs. It plays a crucial role in our self-perception and how we interact with the world. However, the mind is not constant; it changes with experiences, knowledge, and influences. As we saw earlier, individuals between the ages of 10 to 18 primarily identify themselves through external factors and information received from their surroundings. This indicates that their sense of self is shaped by the mind, which can be influenced and molded by external circumstances. Therefore, while the mind is an essential aspect of our identity, it may not be the ultimate truth of who we are.



Emotions are a fundamental part of the human experience, and they color our perception of ourselves and the world around us. Individuals between the ages of 19 to 40 often identify themselves through their emotions and thought processes. They emphasize their inner experiences and desires, which they believe define their true identity. However, emotions are also ever-changing and can be influenced by various internal and external factors. They are not a fixed or constant aspect of our being. While emotions are a vital aspect of our self-expression, they might not encompass the entirety of our true identity.


Physical Body:

Individuals above the age of 40 tend to associate their identity with their roles and responsibilities, especially within their family relationships. They deeply value their physical and emotional connections with their loved ones, and their actions revolve around maintaining their family's happiness and security. However, our physical bodies are also subject to change and aging. They are impermanent and not the core essence of who we are. Identifying solely with our physical bodies may limit our understanding of our true identity.

Having examined these three possibilities, it is evident that none of them alone and together can fully define our true identity. The mind, emotions, and physical body are essential aspects of our being, but they are all subject to change and external influences. To discover our true identity, we must look beyond these temporary aspects and delve deeper into the essence of our existence.

Our true identity may lie beyond the fluctuations of the mind, the fleeting nature of emotions, and the impermanence of the physical body. It might be something more profound and eternal that connects us to the fabric of the universe. We must have realised and observed that both mind and emotions are deeply connected to the physical body. They have their existence and impact on our perception as long as there is physical body. When the body gets disappeared, both entity emotions and mind dissolved with it and that you must have experienced in the state of deep sleep. When mind and emotions dominates on the body and put body into state of conflictes, we called it is stress but one pill for sleep can stop the game of the both by putting body on shut mode and that is more than sufficient to realise that mind and emotions are deeply rooted with the physical body of yours and these are accumulation of the physical body and the body itself is an accumulation of the earth material that we have already understood. So let's delve who we are in true nature and figure out how we can experience the same even though having all three aspects closely intact that is mind, emotions and physical body.

Before we delve into understanding what it is, it is very much important to realise why one even need to look for it and what significant it holds in ones to life to identify the self and learn to be as it is in reality.

We are familiar with the fact that if we wear a piece of clothing for an extended period, it starts emitting an unpleasant odor and causing discomfort due to itching or potential skin infections. When a garment accumulates dirt and bacteria on the body, it begins to clash with the body that holds it in place, leading to an impact on the wearer. This situation is comparable to what occurs with our mind and emotions. Just as the mind becomes inundated with the nonsensical information that is abundantly available in both digital and non-digital formats, conflicts can arise with our inherent emotional responses. These conflicts can affect our emotions, resulting in negative feelings. Consequently, this can divert us from our intended course and plunge us into a state of unhappiness that can ultimately be detrimental to our lives.

Upon realizing that the clothing has become malodorous and is causing discomfort to both the body and mind, what would you do? You might choose to launder the clothing with detergent to eliminate the dirt and bacteria, or you might opt to switch to a different garment if thoroughly cleaning the current one is unfeasible. I hope you didn't perceive this as a reference to the destruction of the body. The central idea here is that when the mind and emotions are not functioning optimally, suicide should not be regarded as a solution, despite its outward appearance as an easier option. Instead, it is essential to recognize, with profound understanding and compassion, that as we age, our minds and emotions tend to accumulate certain negative inclinations that separate us from our authentic nature.

It's important not to judge or condemn individuals who choose to end their lives through suicide. Their decision is often influenced by a heightened sensitivity to life and a unique understanding of existence. This choice requires immense courage and is driven by a deep pain in the heart that can overshadow the will to carry on living.

(Note: The original text touches on a sensitive topic like suicide. If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of self-harm or suicide, it's important to seek help from a mental health professional or a helpline in your country.)

If not mind, emotions and body then what?

Well, it has many names but none express it entirely. It is not this nor that. It is not here nor there. In fact it has no existence nor does it not exist. One who realises it, dissolves in it and also holds the separation.

If you try to see it through meditation, you are looking for the mirror and not that you are. One can not experience it without being it. But you can not even try to be it as it will start conflict. That what I called 'NOT-THING-NESS". ("Nothingness" in this context doesn't refer to literal emptiness or absence, but rather to a state beyond conventional concepts and perceptions.)

It is vast beyond measurement and small beyond focal length.

It is neither I nor you.

You can not understand it as long as you are there. but you can rip the benefits of it but not without longing to be it.

You might be inclined to believe that I lack comprehension of its nature. But the truth is neither affirmed nor denied. I have merely glimpsed it, and perhaps will depart from this physical form with only a fleeting understanding. Paradoxically, the more I believe to understand it, the more intricate it becomes.

I avoid calling it "soul" because that word has been around for a long time and means different things to different people. These different meanings can actually make it harder to truly desire to understand what I'm talking about.

When you grasp the concept of "maya" (illusion or the deceptive nature of reality), you'll find yourself closer to catching a glimpse of this profound understanding. And interestingly, that very glimpse will draw you even deeper into the essence of what you seek.

The more you try to understand it through words or numbers, the farther away you will go, as words are not sufficient to answer what is not in the form of a question. Words will only lead to conclusions, and conclusions will create more conflict within you. A guru can hold the door for you and guide you with words, though some might be confusing. But in the end, the journey is yours, and you have to walk with the help of those words. However, as you feel close to a glimpse, it is very important for you to drop those words and leave the guru behind.

Words for information, a Guru for guidance, and meditation for practical initiation are the steps towards it. However, gradually, all you need to do is let go, or rather, I would say, the truth will let go of it by itself.

In our quest to uncover the true essence of our identity, we've taken an adventurous journey through various age groups and their distinct perceptions of self. Yet, as we stand at the crossroads of mind, emotions, and physicality, we're left pondering whether any of these elements holds the ultimate truth of who we are.

Exploring the intricate realm of the mind, we find it to be a chameleon-like entity, adapting to experiences and molding itself with knowledge. Emotions, our vibrant companions on this human journey, paint our canvas of self, but they, too, dance to the tune of change. Our physical bodies, vessels of experiences and connections, weave intricate narratives, yet they are subject to the sands of time.

But fear not, for amidst this philosophical maze, a comical twist emerges—something that resonates with the paradoxes of life. It's as if the scriptures themselves were chuckling at our search, whispering ancient wisdom in their verses.

"As for man, his days are like grass; he flourishes like a flower of the field; for the wind passes over it, and it is gone, and its place knows it no more." (Psalm 103:15-16)

With a wink, this verse reminds us that like fleeting grass and delicate flowers, our attachment to the ever-shifting aspects of self can lead to a wild goose chase. In the end, we might discover that the very foundation we're standing upon is a shifting sand dune, and true clarity comes when we dare to embrace the ephemeral.

So, Dear seeker of identity, as you navigate the maze of mind, emotions, and body, don't forget to chuckle at the cosmic jest. Maybe, just maybe, the eternal within you is quietly sipping tea, watching the spectacle unfold, knowing that the chase itself is the grand punchline.

As you journey through realms of self, may you find a path that leads you beyond the laughter, into the stillness where you dissolve into what cannot be named but is felt in every heartbeat and whispered by the cosmos.


Attention:- I would also like to bring to your attention that if you decide to embark on this path, there is a significant likelihood that you might become disconnected from your family, or they may struggle to comprehend your choices. Your experiences could be perceived as unconventional by many, leading to a lack of understanding despite your attempts to explain. It's possible that trying to articulate your journey to them might prove futile. While your accomplishments might not align with the conventional definition of "success" as recognized by society, it's conceivable that your name could find a place of prominence beyond your imagination.


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Nishita Pal
Nishita Pal

I am reading it thrice not because it is confusing but it is deep and I am taking time to understand and perceive it correctly.



Hats off to the writer for creating such a beautiful and deep article. Your words make us feel connected to something bigger. I must say all your article shows hand of grace on you.

Nishita Pal
Nishita Pal

I totally agree.


Nishita Pal
Nishita Pal

Awesome! Just have one question. Does it mean we don't find the truth, truth finds us?

Nishita Pal
Nishita Pal



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